Mike Brown Wins!

Mike Brown defeated veteran fighter Rocky Long out of Yves Edwards camp tonight.

Mike secured a tight front headlock/guillotine choke in the 2nd round to get the tapout win.

Fights were held in Ft. Myers, FL. didn't get any other results. If anyone has please post away.

Congrats to Brownie!

chris manuel got a draw, mitch mcelroy won by katagatame, mike ortiz defeated nick ciefferi by g&p, crafton wallace wins by tko in about 30 secs.
sorry that is all I remember

Congrats, Mike.

Congrats man!

Nice job Brownie!! Rocky is a tough dude.


congrats mike and little chris

congrats brown.

Nice win Mike.

Congrats Brown!

Yep, he fought Genki. Good fight. Mike just missed on a huge right, took him down, then got a little excited and got submitted. Genki is the shit.

Congrats to Mike!

Hell yeah man. Good win man. It looks like the little monster is back.!!!!!

Mike Brown is one tough dude!

good job mike

still gay tho

What weight was this at - 145 or 155?


not gay

just.. feminine

anyway, great win!

a rematch with Lauzon in the UFC would be nice

I would love to see Brown fight Raphael Assuncao at 145. now that is a bad ass fight.