Mike Camp is a good guy!! (LFC)

Mike Camp from Indianapolis, matchmaker for the Legends of Fighting Championships is a good stand-up person. Genuine nice honest people are sometimes hard to find in this world, and i just wanted to say this about the guy. Sometimes not enough postitive things are said about people on here like there use to be 6 or 7 years ago. I call it like i see it. Camp loves MMA, and it's his passion, and it's nice to see that in an person. I've known the guy from a long time ago in iowa, at Pat's gym. Jason Reinhardt

just wanted people to know what kind of person their dealing with. that's all. Some may not know Camp.

getting bashed for being positive. this place is amazing. lol

I just don't believe in being negative about people for the most part. What's wrong with that? Nobody's perfect and we all have are little problems. What? Do you like to read negative things about one another. Do you get off on it or something?n No disrespect intended, but how old are you? just curious?

markkerrfan, Do you train? Do you know how much sacrifice it takes, when it's taken serious? Have you felt the emotions inside the cage walls?

WPB, Swindling you?? LOL I have nothing to gain my posting something positive about someone, and i wouldn't post it if it weren't true. I don't play games on here like some people.

markkerfan, probably do.. i have short hair now, and have calmed down a little after a victory. lol

Mike Camp is a super guy. I hired him about 2 months ago and have been amazed by his contacts, hardwork, and willingness to go the extra mile.

Guys like Jorge Gurgel, Pat at that one place (MFS) lol, and those of the sort befriend him.

Camp is a monster!