Just got word from my friend at RF that Mike Cies won his fight. Couldn't hear any details will get some later tonight.

Congrats goto Cies

Brad Souders


Thanks guys, i owe it all to MFS in Iowa.

Especially Tim Sylvia, Ron Turcsak and Ben Rothwell who were all there for me at the fight and in the locker room. Also Danny Ives who let me stay at his place that week and always helps me w/ my BJJ game which i utilized big time in this fight.

I'll be home in Iowa wed. night

thanks again guys!


I am very proud of you Michael! :)



Mike Congrats on the win!

Mike did awesome in his fight

congrats mike. when are you coming to ramseys? any fights on the horizon.

You'll have to ask my manager bzljj about my fights..he's handling that aspect.

I called Ramsey and left a msg. before my fight in case any of u guys wanted to go but never heard back from him. I'll be in there around the holidays, probably christmas time.


damn. mc, when you get in the area hit me up at pocotouro@yahoo.com i would love to meet you in person. maybe you can do a seminar at jeff's. he told me several months back he would love to have you.

ttt for Mike C.