Mike Dunleavy

what do you guys think of this guy? i watched him when the warriors played the raptors (last year) and it looked like he had some game. i can't believe people were calling him a bust

i liked his game when he played for duke. thoughts?

I think he'll be a good player, and have a really solid career. Maybe make a couple All-Star games. That's about it, I don't see him being a "Superstar", although his game is really well-rounded. IMO, he'll end up like Guy Metzger--jack of all trades, master of none.

I really like his game and supposedly was killing all summer in the ProAm. I don't want to say for sure but I see him breaking through the Duke curse. He certainly will beat out Richardson any day of the week

he looked smooth in Duke when i saw him play... i just couldnt see him getting worse in the NBA.

average at best

My brother is a professor at Duke. He has had season tickets since Grant Hill was there. Scott plays pick up games with all the players at their rec. His take on MD is that he will be at best a solid role player. I agree, and would not waste a pick on him.


MDJ does not have mad guard skills but he is around 6'9" and he is an EXCELLENT SHOOTER. He can handle the rock pretty well and is a good passer. Not the kind of passer that is going to drop dimes but he knows the game and knows where to put the ball.

His D is not the best but with his knowledge of the game and his shooting ability and size he make for a very good 2 and can play some 3 also, at the very least he is much better than Richardson who the Warriors need to let go

this guy is so fucking overrated it makes me sick, I cant believe he went #3 in the draft. He was decent at Duke but not Godly by any means, and he got so much press all his career just because of who his daddy is thats also the reason why he went so high in the draft. He will probably average 7 points a game for his career

he lit up the court the other day and I think he understands the game very well

excellent shooter???

The guy can barely shoot 40%.

He seems to be gunning as much as he can, now that he has the playing time. I think his scoring avg is inflated b/c of this.

His shot looks great but he has been missing a ton of open shots. He's very skilled but I don't see the killer instinct to dominate. He'll probably wont even make an All-Star team.

So what is everyone thoughts on MD, now that the season has had time to develop?