Mike Easton at Reality Fighting

Mike Easton is getting better with every fight. He looked sharp last night at Reality Fighting 6. He is on the up! He won by ref stoppage!Brett

awesome fight. easton brought the fight to Isip. I'd love to Mike fight fight some bigger names guy cause I'd think he'd do good. He's also a cool shit and had a good time with us back at the hotel till 5 am.

Mike Easton is the man.

TTT what Palmquist said.

Congradulations MIKE!!!!!!!!
I will see you at the gym tonight.
Brett thanks for the post I was wondering why no posted anything earlier.

its guys like Mike at 145 that keep me from fighting MMA!

How did Mushin do?

good job Easton...it was fun...your a good fighter...we should do it again,the crowd likes us....


nice job mike! couldn't make the ride... i'll see you soon so you guys can all laugh at my cyborg attachment!

Mike's the rteal deal... ufc bound!

LOL @ cyborg attachment. I hope you are doing ok. I wondered why I haven't ee you at the gym.

if macfarlane's been training this whole time that would be a great matchup. Joe Macfarlane vs. Easton...

it would be a standup war, i guarantee.

by the way, joe... it's kosta.

Mike is a hell of a fighter! I would love to have him one of my shows again!!!

Dustin Ware

damn he looks big for 145, anyone know what he walks at?


i'll email him about it.

Palmquist vs. Amy the ring card girl. Oh yeah, we already saw that. "Chris got beat up by a girl, Chris got beat up by a girl....."

Hey Chris how you doing buddy I guess you guys made it home ok. Talk to you soon.

look. i beat that chick fair and square. I pulled off the calf crusher and she rained down punches on my head after the bell! such a cheater.

Mike doesn't have to cut any significant amount of weight to fight at 145. He is always lean and training.

Chris I didn't see the end of the fight. I was counseling the flasher.