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This week we welcome back fan favorite guest Mike Fowler ! We discuss Mike's upcoming match against the legendary Eduardo Telles at Polaris Professional Jiu Jitsu Invitational. Mike also takes us through his pilgrimage through over 100 Japanese temples, on foot! We learn what Mike gained from this over forty day journey, the dangers involved and some of the folks that met him along his path including MMA Hall of Famers Megumi Fujii and Enson Inoue. We wrap up with a candid discussion on the perils of the competitive jiu jitsu scene. This is a must listen for any competitor.

Also on this episode, Level Ground Mixed Martial Arts/ Newaza Apparel contest details, Tap Cancer Out Winter Open news and the details for Polaris Pro!

Nice Phone Post 3.0

Good stuff!

Another great podcast! Awesome job.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Mike is a fan favorite for a reason. Always very open and honest. If people are new to Open Mat Radio they should check out Mike's previous appearances


Don't forget to watch Mike this weekend at Polaris!




Just to put a wrap on things Mike's match with Telles went to a draw. Great to see them both on the mats! Phone Post 3.0

Mike is a stud. Phone Post 3.0

Can someone comment on the content of Hafa Adai? There are 2 very short trailers on youtube but I want to know if it is more of a guam doc-jiu jitsu instructional-or general video of bjj rolling. I know it contains all three, but what is the primary purpose of the film?

delicious bass - Mike is a stud. Phone Post 3.0



Shark Tank,

It's been a while since I watched it. It's a fun DVD though. I believe Mike shot, edited and produced it all himself. It's a cool journey through Guam with some techniques in there as well. I should dig my copy out for another viewing.

I belive you can buy it here (if they still have stock)


I'll message Mike and see if he's got copies or where the best spot to buy is.


can anyone summarize what Mike said about sport v. martial art?

FatBuddha - can anyone summarize what Mike said about sport v. martial art?
It's kind of littered throughout the interview. We talk about his disappointment in the IBJJF towards the beginning of the show. If I remember correctly it's right after we talk about Telles and before we discuss Japan. After the Japan Pilgrimage discussion we talk about Lloyd's approach of running things like a franchise and not a martial artist. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome, now listening...

Hafa Adai is a fun, quirky little "lifestyle" video. It's a little of Mike cruising around Guam, a little competition footage, a little rolling, quick interviews of his training partners in Guam. I think Mike just wanted to introduce Guam to the jiu-jitsu world as much as anything. Nice reggae soundtrack. I think it's 45 min or so.

Then, a straight jiu-jitsu instructional. 30 min or so, IIRC ?

Man I should watch that again :)

I enjoyed this!

Mike's frustration with jiu-jitsu competition is more about organization than rules of competition, also seems he just has other interests now. The stories from his pilgrimage were great, too.

Nice work!