Mike Greenwood

Why dont you send me an email and tell me why you always feel like talking endless shit about me. Gerald Strebendt finishingmachine@hotmail.com

The finishing machine has spoken.

I smell drama!

sits down and fetches popcorn

eats drabovich's popcorn



Takes Dracovich's Popcorn from Job and adds more Salt.

Oh snap! lol..go get em' Gerald.

Thanks for adding the salt.

eats popcorn

Job and I send Dracovich to the store for soda!

Enters thread like Neo in the lobby scene

Shoots through thread to get to Job doing cool slow mo flips and shit

Grabs Popcorn from Job's $50.00 broker ass

Jumps through window onto waiting helicopter

Flys off into night with popcorn

This is roleplay at it's greatest.

Oh no you didn't..

What kind of shit? Gerald is a pretty cool cat. Not sure why anyone would feel the need to insult him.