Mike: Guard fighting question

Mike, when you have someone in your guard, do you prefer to grab their gi collar or wrists? Also, do you have any ideas how to counter these techniques? When I am in someone's guard it seems like they are always grabbing my wrists (gi at the wrist) or gi collar and I have no idea what to do and have my posture broken and from there it goes downhill

Do you have my guard passing DVD?

If are going to grab something when someone is in your guard, do it with a purpose. You grab to begin a submission, sweep, or to break/prevent posture. Do not grab just for the sake of grabbing. I do not have a preference on what to grab because it all depends on what my opponent is doing.

Unless I am truly threatened by a choke, I do not care if someone grabs my collar. And do mean that I don't care unless it is REAL threat of choke.

Grabbing my wrists doesn't matter unless they are doing to something to cut my grip.