mike jen seminar in LA

mike jen might be coming back to los angeles for a one day seminar in early feb. topic to be determined. he will probabably be available for privates too.

if you are interested please send me your e-mail address for more info or e-mail me at qgary15543@aol.com.


Mike will have everyone's protection bite from the guard lethal in no time!

we are tentatively set for sat feb. 7. time and place will be either be at pasadena 11-2:30pm or at west LA 2-5:30pm. the place and time is not confirmed yet. the cost for the 3 hours seminar is $40.

the mike jen seminar will be held on saturday feb. 7.
the tenative location and time will be at 2pm at rey diogo academy in west los angeles on venice blvd.

time: 2-5:30pm (half hour break)

location: rey diogo bjj academy 8733 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90034 (Between La Cienega & National Blvd.) Phone: (310) 839-9086

cost: $40

topic: the guard control and recovery, attacks and sweeps


also, mike will be available for privates lesson on friday feb. 6 and possible sat morning in los angeles.

for privates, contact me at 323-276-9711.

review of mike jen seminar by andreh anderson-

I think I have some credibility in the jiu-jitsu community in America.

I was never a successful competitor, and I don't really tear up the mats wherever I go, but I have been training steadily for a long time, and with some pretty big names. Training has taken me to the Brazil, Japan, the middle east, Canada, and several states in the US. I explain this just to give you some background on who is doing the review of Bolo's seminar.

Aside from training at an incredible school (Rey Diogo's Brazilian Jiujitsu), I try to attend as many seminars as time and budget can afford. I rarely review them online afterwards, because if I dont have something good to say...I dont say anything at all. Some of the biggest names have been some of the biggest disappointments in seminars.

This past Saturday, I attended Bolo's (Michael Jen) seminar in Bellflower, CA. The topic was guard passing, one of the most neglected aspects of the game, as most instructors prefer to use seminar time to show off the latest inverted sweeps and creative submissions.

Bolo presented a simple approach for passing the guard that centered around hugging the body with one arm, going off center to kill the legs, and passing with proper posture. He then applied that structure to several different scenarios, each a progression of the prior one, and each against a realistic obstacle your opponent is likely to place in your way as you pass.

None of the positions would really be new to most purples and above, but the details and the logical way in which the material was presented made ALL the difference in the world. Bolo didnt just state something, he backed it up with solid reasoning and tremendous PRESSURE.

The greatest benefit of a seminar like this was that it wasnt a series of random, flashy techniques (I call them circus techniques), but instead, a framework in which to approach guard passing that is well-structured, but also fluid enough to adapt to other ways to pass and different types of guards.

Other than the material, I was impressed with Bolo's eagerness to just keeping giving and giving and giving. Someone mentioned that we had to beg for a break, and that was certainly true. Bolo ended up using the break to show me and another purple belt a cool half guard pass I had never seen.

O.k., I have raved enough about it. The next one, you will just have to attend for yourself.

Andre is correct.

take advantage of this opportunity since mike might not be back down in LA for a long while...

mike will be here in LA today. please call me at 323-276-9711 if you are interested in taking a private. mike charges only $60 an hour. hope to see some of you at the seminar.

Have a great seminar!

Quick question,

is this a gi-only seminar?



From my experience, he teaches with the Gi, but 85-95% of what he teaches can be used either Gi or no-Gi.

Very systematic, very progressive, very high percentage.

the seminar today with mike jen went really well. we had a good group of mostly blue belts, with a couple purples, one brown and a black belt. mike covered techniques concerning people trying to grap you legs and running around them. i always have problems with that but will not anymore. he also covered when your opponent bear hugs your legs and tries to pass. in the second half of the seminar mike asked us what guard passes that others do to us and he gave us some solutions. at the end he showed us some variations to his hook sweep. it was cool. i know i will be catching some people with this sweep.

thanks to all who came. i hope you guys came away with some good stuff. i certainly did.

Thanks to all that came out and I hope everyone learned something that they could use to improve their game. I was very pleased with the turnout, especially since LA is the mecca of BJJ in the US, in addition to the fact that there were 3 other big name instructors doing seminars this same weekend.

As an instructor, it is really nice to see purples, browns, and even a black belt come and show interest in my teachings. Most of the time, I hear that seminars have very little value to the higher belts and the only other time I have heard of high ranking players going to seminars is if some world champ comes into town. So, I felt honored that these high ranking players saw value in what I taught.

I have spoken to "Iron Man" and we have discussed the possibility of squeezing in one more seminar in March. In April, my wife is giving birth to our first child, so I won't be doing seminars for a while after that. I let the attendees of this seminar choose whether they wanted to work on open guard control or the hook/elevator sweep. They voted to work open guard control, but those who were able stick around until the very end of this seminar got a preview of my hook/elevator sweep from the guard and how it is different than how most people do it and teach it. If I return in March, I will teach my system of how to do that sweep.

Another great seminar by Mike! Anyone debating whether or not to come to the next one, COME, you won't regret it! -Richard

Mike's seminar this weekend was excellent. I can't wait to try the concepts he shared once I get the chance to practice them a bit more.

I look forward to future seminars with Mike. They are at the top of my list to attend.