Mike Kyle got a fight? (elite xc)

WTF? I thought this guy was black balled from MMA? Anyone protesting?

Looks around the forum. You might figure out that this has been posted no less than 30 times.

But, he was given a 1 year suspensions. Suspensions do end. His ended. He can fight now.

And Kyle is with AKA and AKA is close to Coker so it was inevitable that he would get a shot in Strikeforce. He was supposed to fight Ricco Rodriguez in San Diego a few months ago on the the Babalu card that got cancelled the day before.


That's what I've been saying.

I think the winner of Cole/Kyle will fight Kimbo which is a good step up in competition for Kimbo.

I wish to GOD I could fight Mike Kyle.


Do you know me?

and then he would kick you in the head, bite you, poke your eye or a combination of all three after.


BillyRayChubbs, why don't you tell us who you are?

Any fighting experience? Any training? Who exactly are you?

I have seen Mike Kyle fight and while I don't know a thing about you, I'm confident in saying he would probably beat the un-holy hell out of you.

"I wish to GOD I could fight Mike Kyle"

Sure you do cupcake.

The internet kumite champion syndrome strikes again.


I am the Internet Keyboard Warrior Champion!!!

I am just a guy who CANNOT STAND Mike Kyle.....

He prolly would in a real MMA match beat the shit outta me, but I would LOVE the chance to take a shot at him.

As far as your curiousity about my credentials....

As you can see my name is not GREEN, its blue because I paid!!!

I started training in 1996 with Cesar Gracie in Concord...

Charles Gracie in Daly City

Jake Shields when he was in Daly City

Sergio Silva at Open Door JiuJitsu in Alameda

and I am currently at Open Door as many nights a week as I can get there...

I am MAINLY training in the GI as there are several tournaments I want to compete in this year...

Before 1996, I trained with Alex Gong at Fairtex in San Francisco...

My ONLY claim to 30 seconds of personal fame is I have a clip of me subbing a guy on ON THE MAT's 101 Submissions Volume 3....

I love this sport just like you guys, and I cannot stand Mike Kyle.

Being that I am 6'2, and 250lbs. and I consider myself in REALLY good shape, I feel that Mikey would not be "running me, kicking me in the head, biting me, or beating the unholy hell out of me....

but I love this place and I know how shit works here, so FLAME AWAY bruthas!!!

I can dish it out, and I can take it too!!!


Like I said before.


Mike Kyle SUCKS at Jiujitsu....

for those of you who may not know.....

I know this first hand, but whatever....

I just know I want to put his ass to sleep.

He'd destroy your world.


Ok, Ok, Ok,

Sorry for speaking up about a guy EVERYONE hates.


Hell its a fight, Chubbs could take him down and sub him, as long as Chubbs didnt tap to the bite first

bill ray is a bad man. hed fuck kyle up and tap him.

He'd destroy your world.

"I bet you don't even train"

Go on say it...Its killing you bro!!!


DJStudd, did I ruin your day with my stupid jujitsu tournament stories?


He'd destroy your world.