Mike Nickels front page article!!

 Mike Nickels on cover of Westword Magazine...

There is a great story about ROF veteran and TUF season 3 fighter Mike Nickels in this week's Westword magazine. The story delves in to the past, present, and future of the charasmatic athlete. Westword, established in 1977, is a weekly magazine covering what is happening in the local food, art, and entertainment scene. Westword has grown into one of the largest alternative weeklies in the country--even though Denver is a major battlefield in a daily newspaper war. Every week, the new edition is eagerly snatched up in college classrooms, coffeehouses, corporate offices and at the State Capitol by faithful readers who appreciate hard-hitting, award-winning journalism.

To view the "No Pain No Gain" cover story on the web go to http://westword.com/Issues/2006-05-11/news/feature.html

There is also an interesting and pretty fair* account of the MMA scene in Colorado, specifically the promoters of the sport. To read "The Fight is on!" story go to http://www.westword.com/Issues/2006-05-11/news/feature2.html

(* the story misquotes ROF promoter Sven Bean in comments regarding local fighters, but Bean still approves of the article as a whole)

also of note, Mike has a brand new website:


that won't happen. LOL.

Mike's lady was very understanding through the show.

Mike is super cool, and so is his wife. Cute kid too. He is a Lucky man. But as they say "with enough hard work, you create your own luck"

Great article, Mike's a very interesting guy and I wish him the best. Thanks for posting that!