Mike Perry vs Darren Till Misfit Boxing

Platinum Mike Perry gave MMA a try. Mixed reviews in my opinion. A guy who really doesn’t give a “***”, Perry lived life on the wild side. Good striking and good wrestling Perry relied on his power.

Darren Till started off his MMA career on fire, he won all of his fights coming into UFC. Light on his feet Till had talent.

Both were good welterweights but Till moved up in weight and had fights with the elite in the middleweight division. After beating Kelvin Gastelum it looked like Till was in a good place. Three loses in a row and that was it for the Gorilla.

The fight between Till and Perry is a fan favorite. Both guys are outspoken, talented and putting them up against each other is as good as a Diaz war.

We wanted to see a bare knuckle fight but it looks like it might be a boxing match. Who wins the battle Darren Till vs Mike Perry?