Mike Shanahan - worst coaching season ever

biggest coaching fiasco I can ever remember

-pulls McNabb from a game and blatantly lies about the reason

-approves a bilion dollars for a new Mcnabb contract shortly thereafter

-fiasco'd the Albert Haynesworth situation 6 ways to Sunday

-now he's benching Mcnabb again lmfao, the shit is literally press conference worthy and who knows if Shanahan is telling the truth

He can't be blamed for the Haynesworth mess. Snyder shouldn't have signed that guy for half the money. He inherited a lazy over paid me first player.

He has not handled McNabb well though. For all his faults on the field, McNabb is a classy guy off it, always puts the team ahead of his own personal glory, and is well respected in the locker room. Shanahan has treated him poorly by not being upfront.

And serious lols at this weeks reasoning. We want to see what we have at quarterback for next year. Mike, you have Rex Grossman, a player who has more ints thand td's. A player who in eight years in the league could only lock down a starting job in one season. And in John Beck you have a guy who hasn't taken the field in three years.

You have SHIT at quarterback. No need to screw the team around to find that out.

The problem with Mike Shanahan is that his AFC finesse philosophy simply doesn't work in the more physical NFC, and is a particularly poor fit for the NFC East.