Mike Swick

Could he drop to 170? I havent seen him in person but he doesn't look like that big of a middleweight.

not likely

doesn't look like he has much to lose, but with the way guy after guy is dropping down in class, who the hell knows.

he's a big 85'er, no 170 for him.

Is he a big 185'r?

I thought he weighed 192 during TUF?

That's not that big... but he's awfully lean.


I wouldn't say Mike is a big 185er, he only had to cut three pounds before his fight this weekend. But he doesn't look to be able to go much lower either. I'm pretty sure he has no desire to drop weight (why would he when he's 4-0 in the UFC?) he's more likely to bulk up a bit more before his fights.

Hey Swick, when you fight Leben again, can you at least torture him for a couple of rounds?

You continue to improve and you're gonna go far. Pound for pound, you're definitely one of the most well-rounded out there. Just keep your head in check.

I'd like to see Swick/Leben 2 as well.