Mike Tyson = A Great Trainer

After watching him talk last night about Hopkins, Taylor, and the likes of Max Schmeling, one definitely gets the impression that this guy really loves boxing.

I know he has boxed for the money but I think his love for the sport supercedes that. He has so much knowledge about boxing history and respect for the pioneers.

Which brings me to my point that Tyson would be a great boxing trainer. He has studied the sport, lived it and saw it all. As a fighter, he gets a little carried away with his antics but of he were to become a trainer I can see how enthusiasm and love for the sport could benefit an up and comer. I'm sure he could help make a champion out of someone.

I completely agree

He can teach his patented "Bite the ear" technique.

2 weeks ago I met Mike's personal assistant. Cool guy. Said that mike was far more intelligent then people give him credit for, said he was really "book smart" just doesnt have an ounce of common sense. He also said awhile back when Mike jumped on the hood of that car he was right there laughing along side him, at the time Mike had drank a bottle of patron and had done over an 8 ball worth of coke that night.lol

Well, at least it sounds like Mike's getting his life together. Next week - Heroin!

And Mike's personal assistant needs to be fired.

Mike is mentally unstable and would NOT be a good trainer, IMHO.

From: mad tiger i just emailed your post to his tainer Buddy Mcgirt - the trainer Mike is training w/ right now. Let's see if it''s true.

its going to be a long time before anyone in any combat sport becomes as popular as mike tyson. and im talking before all the bullshit he started doing. i wish i had been older when he was in his prime so i could have appreciated it more

Mike had a great trainer in Cus D'mato. When Cus died, it was only a matter of time before Mike self destructed.

Mike was trained by Cus to be a boxer. He received the best training in the world from Cus. He was an athlete with unlimited potential and he had great technique. After Cus died, Tyson went down hill in his personal life leading up to his eventual imprisonment. Tyson succumbed to his own inner rage and anger.

He lost sight of the athlete boxer that brought his success and starting subscribing to that bullshit warrior mentality. He thought he was a warrior and he was going to kill his opponent and blah, blah, blah. He goes in the ring with nothing but anger and gets his ass kicked on the regular. Why is that?

You were an athlete Mike. A BOXER, not a killer. It's a sport Mike. Training and conditioning are better weapons than anger and hate. It's a punching contest to the front and sides of the head and torso. Keep it in perspective.

Tyson could potentially train someone but they would have to be able to adhere to a 'do as I say not as I do' approach to training and not everybody responds well to that.

LOL @ Tyson being anything other than a joke as a trainer

Im a big tyson fan and believe he was underrated as a boxer technically but a trainer is a WHOLE different story!

He does have a greater appreciation for, and more knowledge about, boxing than most people realize. Not just about his style of fighting either. He is very knowledgeable about boxing in general.

I think Tyson COULD be a hell of a trainer, but I dont think he's disciplined or focused enough right now. If he could reign in his personal life a bit, I think he'd make a great trainer. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem likely that he'll do this anytime soon.

People I know who've met and spent some time with him tell me that he's much smarter than he portrays himself to be and that most of the wild shit he says is for show. They also say that he's pretty self-destructive too. Hopefully for his sake, he can straighten his shit out before it's too late.

lol at all you kooks getting worked up! Anyways not gonna say anymore as although I just met the dude in LV it would be some kook from here to try to make a big deal and get the guy in trouble for just stating the obvious. btw- I dont know whats so hard to believe about mike drinking tequila and doing some blow, I mean is that REALLY that unthinkable?lol

"Mike is mentally unstable and would NOT be a good trainer, IMHO."

Oh yeah, cause nut jobs NEVER make good trainers.

madtiger, Mike has been in Florda the past few weeks. Buddy told me to tell you...you're a keyboard warrior.

btw- AJ I just talked to Emmanuel stewart and he say your full of it.lol

Thursday, December 9 2004

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was cited on suspicion of misdemeanor criminal damage for an alleged incident outside a Phoenix nightclub on November 27 according to a report by the Arizona Republic. Iron Mike made a court appearance Tuesday in Scottdale after a man accused him of jumping on the hood of his car and pounding on it with his fists causing $1400 in damage. The man said he recognized Tyson, then drove away. He later contacted police after noticing that his vehicle was damaged. Tyson is scheduled to return to court on December 17. Tyson was reportedly said to be intoxicated. In other Tyson news, he is beginning to train for a proposed fight in the spring following rehabilitation from a knee injury suffered in his loss to Danny Williams.