"Mike Tyson Presents"???

I just heard of a video series called "Mike Tyson
Presents." Apparently it has Mike anaylzing past
heavyweights with someone else.

Anybody heard of these tapes??? What are they

I have them. I think they are actually called Mike Tyson talks boxing. Its ok for a general overview of some oddities and "did you knows?" of the sport. It was produced by HBO back in the 80's. Nothing too ground breaking. Its worth seeing if its $12.00 or under. If not, you aren't missing much.


I've got one tape. Was there more?

no I believe it was only one tape, sorry for wording my post misleadingly.


Yeah I saw them for sale on a UK site and said
'what the hell?' Oh well the moment's passed...

I have one where Tyson basically narrates his own fights. He looks docile and sedated throughout.

I have both Mike Tyson's greatest hits and Mike Tyson Talks boxing. The greatest hits is Mike's awesome Ko wins from early in his career all the way up to the dismantling of Tubbs.

Mike Tyson talks boxing is Mike showing clips and talking about other people. I dont know if the tape was scripted but if it wasnt Mike sure knows a hell of alot about Boxings history. He said on the tape that Billy Conn was his favorite fighter. And during the bloopers part Mike obviously is enjoying himself. Laughing and cutting up. If only he let that side of him show more he wouldnt be portrayed as the Monster he is now. Maybe not even been convicted of Rape.

Tyson does know alot about boxing history, probably more than any other boxer.

Tyson always had a deep interest in boxing history. The ironic thing is that even with all of his respect for past champions and his knowledge of how big of a role model a current or even a former heavyweight champion of the world can be, he still insists on damaging his reputation at every given oppurtunity. He has been given so many chances to bounce back and reclaim his lost glory and he has blown every one of them.

I remember in his early interviews he always came
across as a deep and thoughtful kid who was way
more in touch with boxing's past than his peers.
Unfortuntately, his self destructive streak manifested
and ruined it all.