Mike Tyson To Be A Prostitute

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson is to become a male escort after agreeing to work at legendary Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss' new legalized brothel for women. Fleiss bought 60 acres of land in Nevada, and his work is scheduled to begin on Heidi's Stud Farm.

She has high hopes for Tyson, once heavyweight champion of the world - despite the fact he is a convicted rapist.

She says, "I told him, 'You're going to be my big stallion.' It's every man's fear that their girlfriend will go for Mike Tyson."

Tyson, 40, adds, "I don't care what any man says, it's every man's dream to please every woman - and get paid for it."


via FARK.com

I shudder to think what type of women have to pay to get laid.

Damn thats really sad when you think about it. Tyson has just become a freakshow at this point :(

shoulda seen him in vegas....mess.

Mike is a disgrace to the sport of boxing.

waste of talent

waste of life

..but he's living the dream!

I bet he doesn't do it.

Who wouldn't want to be able to say that their father was a convicted rapist with a history of violence and mental instability. Those genes shouldn't be transmitted.

I can just picture fathers talking to their sons about Mike Tyson, and the
rise and fall of one of the most dominant fighters of his time.... Now the
story just got even better!

LOL@ Tyson thinking he's going to get paid to fuck anything other than wrinkled old fat geezers.

"How is Tyson a waste of life? He's accomplished more in 20 years than 99.9% of the people will ever accomplish."

In other words less than 1% of the population are convicted rapists.


How is Tyson a waste of life?
He's accomplished more in 20 years than 99.9% of the people will ever accomplish.

I guess that depends on how you measure it but the fact is Tyson has nothing left and has been reduced to this. As for accomplishing more than 99.9% of people anyone born in a western democracy is able to accomplish more than the vast majority of the people in just about any reasonable way one might define accomplished. So we seen even your made up statistic doesn't really mean that much.

Now for the defining. Are you talking about financial success, he is broke.

Are you talking about leading a happy life, if so Mikes not in the top .1%

The fact is mike is mentally ill and has long been surronded by people who did nothing but take advantage of him. You could certainly find .1% of the worlds population that I would rather have.

Having accomplished a lot and then having pissed it away isn't much better than having never accomplished it.

I have to say I really feel bad for him.

When you go back and what old interviews and clips of Tyson, even when he was on top, it seemed he always lacked self-confidence and people preyed on that. Sure - he was confident going into the ring, but other things he did - like buy himself crazy jewelery and other things because "it made him feel good" showed the other side of him. Once he finally got challenged in the ring, he started to crumble. Once he ran into more problems, the people who were his "friends" disappeared.

Tyson should be set for life financially, yet he owes millions. Ultimately he has to be responsible for himself, but it's sad that he's been reduced to working for Fleiss.

this is so sad.

Kharma's a bitch

I take it from your clever retort that you have now, like the rest of us, realized that your arguement was without merit and that you have no viable defense for it.

nitecrawler Tyson has been a freakshow for years.

At least now he'll get to fornicate with women and they pay for it instead of him.

"Iron Mike". Could there be a better name for a man whore?