Mike Tyson vs 150lb blue belt

Would mike be able to get the KO before he is taken down and subbed?

  • Mike Tyson
  • Random blue belt

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fuck off with this shit


hell nah he gonna bite the shit out of you

If Tyson laid into his guard he might be in trouble. If it started standing I’m not sure the other guy would remember anything before waking up.

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Mike knows how to fight, dude. Most people smaller than him are fucking done unless its Ryan Hall.

honestly this is 2003 sherdog level. no disrespect intended, but y’all posting in a troll thread.


another thread by worst poster on the board …Tyson in his prime would destroy 95 percent of black belts especially ones he has size on Im 165 purple belt Mike would destroy me and any purple or brown belt ive met

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You’re probably right. Still, interesting to see that we have 12 bluebelts in this thread alone.


Just because he can beat your gumpy ass doesn’t mean he can beat up every brown belt you’ve ever met.

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u know nothing about MMA and grappling and have for sure never trained Ive trained at some of the the top academys in NY and east coast.Size matters too Tysons a heavyweight your an idiot who starts 100 moronic threads a day…where have u trained ? whats ur belt rank ? Im a purple from matt serra also trained at Renzos what about u


Even with Mike starting in guard he still knocks out any blue belt lol there’s levels to this shit

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If Tyson anywhere close n his active fighting years sat in guard of one of the best 150 lb blue belts alive the blue belt would be at a much greater risk than Tyson.


Like I said. He might be in trouble. There is not enough information to be for certain.

nice retort idiot


Everybody’s got a plan, til they get put on their back

LOL at this recycling.

Try atleast a 200lber blue belt

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Tyson’s physicality is light-years ahead of anything the average blue-belt will ever experience, imo.