Mike Tyson vs. Logan Paul NEEDS to happen

Granted I’m not a big fan of these celebrity/ YouTube “star” boxing matches but was high last night and after hearing Mike Tyson was indeed looking to fight again, why not it be Logan Paul? Of course Tyson in his prime or even a early 40’s would murder Paul at this point in his life it might make for a half intriguing fight and it would make a boat load of money. Wouldn’t be shocked if they try and make this happen. What do you guys think? Could you say with 100% Tyson would beat him? IMO it’s not that easy if a call.

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No it doesn’t…


You should shack up with The Lion King because you are high again.

I`m not even going to give you reasons why Mike would beat him.

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I’m down. Mike gets a huge payday and he just might knock that dudes head off.

it’d be great to see Logan Paul decapitated

Mike is too nice a person now to accept this fight.

The ending is an easy call.

Isnt tyson creeping up on 60? Probably not the best idea for his brain to keep fighting, even in exhibition matches.

You’d think but let’s face it Tyson is 54 and age catches up to everyone, sure he looked “decent” vs RJJ but that clearly wasn’t a real fight, Paul is a young athletic dude, hurts me to say all this cause I’m a big Tyson fan but don’t think it would be as clear cut as you guys think

Tyson was going up against Roy Jones Jr who is not a bad boxer himself.Mike would not need many rounds to knock this Youtuber out before he gasses himself out.

Mike was going easy on RJJ. That was obvious.

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You can also say that RJJ took it easy on Mike as well, RJJ didn’t throw one hard shot that whole “fight”.

Sure it`s only the gym,but look closely & see how much speed & power that Mike has lost.Now imagine Mike having this dude up against the corner.

And Paul just went 8 with Floyd who is a lot younger then Tyson, I get Floyd is a lot smaller then Tyson but just playing devils advocate

Tyson was a much better technical boxer who ALSO had extreme athletic ability.

RJJ relied massively on his speed advantage and wasnt as technically proficient as some people he beat.

Tyson also had stellar defense, under rated.

Prime vs prime Tyson would wreck RJJ.

Either dude tunes up a Paul brother without breaking a sweat.

I’d love to see it dude! But man I’d be a little nervous for Mike not gonna lie, wouldn’t be worried about Paul knocking him out, it would be more of the survive the first couple rounds Mike gassed and Paul squeaks one out. I’d put mike as +400 fav

The way Logan was winging punches, I don’t see him lasting long with Tyson, regardless of his age.

Not to mention it does look like Floyd might have actually ko’d him at one point - and he’s tiny compared to Mike.


Mike still has technique and less power, but be honest, Tyson’s punch Vs Mayweather power… Mayweather wore out Logan, Tyson would fold him even in 10 years from now.

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I think Tyson beats Logan but Jake would knock Mike out cold at this point in their careers

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