Mike Tyson vs. Logan Paul NEEDS to happen

I tend to agree.

I thought you were trolling but now I realize you’re just dumb. +400 fav. What does that even mean? :rofl:

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we’d all anjoy mike koing jp

Kay… clearly meant -400 no need to get nasty brother.

And when they make this fight in a couple weeks you’ll look like the dumb one, this is the big money show dude.

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It’s super necessary to be nasty bro.

And no, this isnt the big money fight. I dont think you understand how this works. This would kill off the future Logan Paul fights and end the interest. The big money is in multiple fights. You’re the kind of guy who matches up the two best college. Basketball teams in the first round of the NCAA tournament or makes Kimbo’s first mma fight against Cain Veleasquez. Would you rather make 100 million in one night and be done or a billion over the next 2 years?

Wait a minute. Why am I talking to you like you’re serious? Lol. Yeah man, Tyson vs Logan with Jake vs Canelo as the undercard. The Paul brothers would totally smash them!

You’re kinda hanging on to Tyson’s past glory, no offence, and the type of dude that thinks Tyson could make a run at the title cause he “beat” a so far past his prime Roy Jones in a fake fight. Like I said Tyson would be favoured for sure but man 56 is old, don’t think it would be a cake walk is all I’m saying.

No way RJJ beats up either paul brother now. He looked like a drunk old frozen man in his last “fight”

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The world has gone bananas

  1. Logan beats the shit out of Today’s Tyson. Have you ever sparred someone who is 50 it’s slow motion no matter the skill
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Yeah, you’re right. Look how slow this 64 year old guy was moving.

Lol, the 50 year old down at your local boxing gym probably isn’t comparable to present day Mike Tyson

First body shot from Mike and that shit is over.

This YouTube clown has literally fiought no one and people think he would beat Mike Tyson?