Mike Tyson

Iron Mike Tyson was the man. As a warrior more people want to be like Mike than have ever wanted to be anyone else.

Mike Tyson, as his show illustrates, is one of the greatest humans ever.......he as moved from a warrior to a real man that lives through his lessons and trials.

If you do not watch his show. Cancel your account here, never watch another ppv and go watch ballet.

That said, I know any Blue Belt would arm bar him to oblivion.

i really like tyson as well, but let's not get carried away...

greatest human being? cmon son.

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I was in a bar in Alaska, on the coast, when Holyfield whooped him the first time. I bet against Tyson on that fight. Made money on their rematch when Tyson lost again after he nibbled on Evander's ears. Maybe not so great. Phone Post