Mike Tyson's still got it


Trailer from the new movie "The Hangover" Iron Mike represents.. respect!


It's surprising that Tyson can hit those high notes like he does.

 awesome in many ways,that clip.

"I think he's mean."

lol greatness


Haha, cool to see him staying busy with fun projects like this.


is that zack galifnakis? that dude is facking hilarious

nice and Iron Mike is the man

it is his favorite song....

watching him throw that right brought a tear to my eye.

Why can't movies be as good as their trailers?

That one is freaking awesome.

 Actually looks like a good comedy.


So long gay boys!!

 Tyson rules! Such a huge Tyson fan right here!

Interesting that imdb.com already has a placeholder for the sequel.

Thats Mike Tyson! Great