Mike Van Arsdale vs Tito

i read that mike is a superior wrestler and he was outwrestling tito in their abu dhabi match before tito caught him with a leg lock.

does anybody think that he could GnP tito and get a decision like couture did?


no, good day.

Of course he could.

If he worked on his sub defense I think he could. It would be too close to call and I wouldn't bet on this fight.

I would!! I would bet big on Tito!!

I'd bet on Tito too.

predator, i dont agree man. He might be a better wrestler but he isnt more athletic and def. doesnt have the all around skills that tito has

1 dimensional fighter vs. true Mixed Martial Artist = mma fighter walking away happy

if mva had the better cardio he could win with good strategy. vladdys a better wrestler and imo cardio was the factor that allowed tito to win that 1

Isnt MVA 40+?

I can't believe any of you think this would even be a competitive fight. I know Tito's stock has dropped, and I know Van Arsdale is a bad man and all, but this would be a one-sided beating, Tito/Shammy style...

"Tito Shammy style"

Thats the dumbest most IGNORANT shit Ive heard in a while .....

I guess you know nothing about Mike .... Hows Tito going to take him down ...???...and dont use that Vladdy B.S. ...Vladdy quit wrestling 10 years ago ....Mike has not ....Hes still training with Dominick Black(olympian) and Melvin Douglass(olympian) and all the other guys at the Olympic training center ......Mike and Ken have nothing in common in their fighting styles ....

Tito was exposed in his first tough fight in 3 tears ....He never even thought about getting off bottom against Randy .....and got bitched .....Mike would contol Tito and take him down at will imo,,,Tito also has no striking .... I see a bad matchup for Tito.....

...and as far as a better athlete ..... actually I wont even go there because thats a joke ....All I can think of is watching Tito get pounded in College wrestling at Cal State B ....Sub 500 wrestler ...

Mike is training and will be back real soon ....

He may have reattached Mikes foot on to his own leg after losing his own up his ass against Randy ......

Fair fight they both have artificial limbs .....

interesting matchup.

both wrestlers

both sprinted away from Silva.

Tito did manage to get away though so he is faster...got to give tito the edge here

I'd certainly favort Tito...but 100 out of 100 times? You *must* be joking. I was thinking more like 65.

no way...mike got KTFO by V. silva , so I don't think he'd fair much better against tito, but you can think otherwise.

Mike could take Tito down, but he would get submitted from there.

MVA was NOT an Olympian. He only trained with some. He was close to that level, but incase you hadn't notised, that don't mean shit. Look at Kevin Jackson & Kenny Monday.

What exactly makes anyone think that Tito can sub anybody from the bottom?? The only person I've seen Tito sub fromt he bottom was some fag wearing ghey socks, named after my computer btw.

I'll quote something I heard here awhile ago that made me chuckle. "Tito's BJJ is equivalent to that of your average street whore, he basically knows how to wrap his legs around your waist."

Tito would hurt Mike.

you would lose that bet....

not sure why people are believing the van arsdale hype... Tito has a lot more experience in the octagon... who cares if van arsdale is a better wrestler....? that doesn't mean he's a better fighter....

he has wins over who exactly?

he needs to be tested...