Mike Van Arsdale vs Tito

MVA is a good wrestler but Tito would beat him just like he did in ADCC by Heel hook. or G&P

Tito would win in a fight but lol@ Tito being a better athlete.

In the UFC, Tito wins. In the IVC, Arsdale wins.

Mike Van Arsdale beat Cael Sanderson in a freestyle match about a year ago.

So he still has it. But he is old.

I believe it was Mike Van Arsdale who first complained about Vanderli Silva greasing up before fights.

MVA would beat Tito with superior wrestling skills just like Couture did. Also, whoever said Tito is a better athlete than MVA is dead ass wrong.

MVA was my Junior Nationals wrestling coach in 1996.

Mike Van Arsdale did NOT outwrestle Tito in ADCC.
Tito is a far better wrestler than people realize. He
was great at ADCC.

Tito would beat him in a NHB match but saying Tito is anywhere near M Vanarsdale at Wrestling is insane. Mike is a legend. He was the guy they showcased during one of the ESPN coverages for the NCAA finals.

Mike is a STUD and I (nor Tito) would ever take him lightly.

I would like to know where someone saw him get handled at the Div 1 level. Name the tourney and Wrestler. Not impossible but good trivia at the least.

Tito did not have a lot of success in College outside of JC but do not think he was not a good wrestler. Strong as an ox. He had trouble breaking a VERY tough and seasoned upper weight lineup at arguably the best West Coast Wrestling school.

bignightmare ,,,

Demetrious Huff from Fresno State was on his way to teching Tito but decided to pin him first ....It was at the Fullerton Tourny in So Cal ....and if I recall correctly Donny Rider also from Fresno State spanked him by like 9 points ....One of the asst. wrestling coaches from Cal State Bakersfiled laughed that Tito was taking guys down as his style of controlling fights because he sucked in Div 1 ....

NICE job JIMMYTHEGREEK! Demetrius kicked his ass. Which assistant? Was it Pope? He laughs at everybody. This is the only tourney in D1 that Tito wrestled at. The reason: They allow 2 guys per weight and it cost nothing for the travel. Tito couldnt make the lineup and hated keeping his weight down to not make the team. That and living in Bako sucks when you grew up in OC, I had the same problem up there. Shell shock.....welcome to the South heehaww. Just like in MMA: Tito is a stud when he is more athletic and can bull you but when he runs up against a better truck he is screwed.

I think Mike is great and I have met him and talked with him several times, but until he has more ring experience I would have to go with Tito. On the aspect of who is better in Wresting: Mike. Who is a better athlete: Mike. Better fighter: Tito.

"Van Arsdale is done. He had his time but its over now." - Arachnid

LOL - does anyone see the parallel to Rocky III? Commentator: "Balboa was once a great champion. But his time is over".
Apollo to Rocky: "When this is over Rock, there are going to be a lot of people out there owing you an apology."

Van Arsdale is 10 times the athlete Tito is that's just the truth. Not sure who would win the fight though

I would love to see this fight cause the odds maker
would give tito plus 200 and vanarsdale would make me a fotune for little risk.

again i want to mention CARDIO will be very important in this fight....

I think Tito would win in MMA. His striking and subs would equal out MVA's superior wrestling.

I think that Mike is the All army wrestling coach at Ft Carson still. Mike is def a better wrestler , but no where near the striker that tito is. I just think that tito would be to much for him. But I'd still pay to see this fight if it ever were to happen

MVA is tough but I dont think he can hang with Tito (Who as much as I hate him is on a completely different level than many MMA fighters incldng MVA)