mikedub07: underground forum member of the week

Forum member mikedub07 is a cool guy. He added a little humor to a thread of mine earlier today, so I just wanted to send a shout out his way.

Thank you, thank you. First off I'd like to thank me. Without me, I probably couldn't have made this happen. No one else really did anything of value to help contribute to my receiving of this award, so I guess that's it.

Oh, and I dedicate this award to my dad. Hey dad, I thought I'd never amount to anything!! What's up now!?! Do YOU have a "underground forum member of the week" award? Didn't think so.

Very nice (Said in my Borat voice). I am a little annoyed that know one has responded to this thread with something poitive to say other than us.
Sometimes I wonder about this forum.

Noone wants to spoil this beautiful moment for the two of you.

As stated on the "What is the etiquette on buying a belt?" thread, man love is creepy.


breaku80......... as long as you don't look each other in the eyes.


 as long as you don't push back it's not gay.


I just checked back here to see who else wanted to post to congratulate me and all I get is homosexual comments!?! Eye contact? Bromance? Don't push back? What gives UG? Anyone wanna high five? Maybe a pat on the ol backaroo? How about a butt slap, just to say "Good job, kid"? I won't make eye contact or push back.

VERY good point... It's as if these people are coming on here to make some sort of a mockery of this. That is unnecessary and hurtful - to myself and mikedub07.

"as long as you don't push back it's not gay."

- forum member fortysixandtwo refers to that as a power bottom.