Mikey Burnett Sub Grappling Tourny

2nd Annual Mikey Burnett Submission Grappling Tournament

Sponsored by Apollo's Mixed Martial Arts

Saturday March 8 East Central High School Tulsa OK

Kids have Gi and No-Gi divisions. Both are double elimination

Adults are No-Gi only. Single elimination. Adults will have an Absolute division (all weight classes – one winner) as well

Kids begin at 11:00 AM, Adults begin at 12:00 PM

There will be three mats going starting at noon.

Price will be $35 for one division (kids Gi or No-Gi) or $45 for both. Adults pay $35 - $45 if they want to do the Absolute

Prices go up the day of the event by $10.

Call Apollo's Karate 918 627-7070 to register.