Mikonosuke Kawaishi?

tell me about this man.
rank the man amongst other old timers.

reading a little bit about him i come to find that his ideas go even further than the Kosen method. not only advocating Newaza but leglocks and neckcranks.

the topic of Kosen Judo is kind of popular right now and many are looking at it as the roots of BJJ. seems to me that Kawaishi's method was the "real" Judo that was being taught over in Brazil.

also anyone have vintage footage/photos of Judo leglocks and neck cranks. on my History of Judo DVD theres about 5 seconds of someone(possibly Mifune) doing a leglock.

It is so lucky that the brazillians preserved this stuff.

Mifune's book the Cannon of Judo has him doing a number of leglocks

I took advantage of the opportunity to train with some first generation students of Kawaishi on the weekend. It's a humbling experience when an 85 year old man pins you, and you can't get out.

where did you train?

There was a martial arts seminar in Ottawa last weekend with a wide variety of instructors. Nick Hewittson, British Muay thai champ, Jean-Yves Theriault, kickboxing, Robin Gracie(guess what he does?), various karate, jiu jitsu and aikido instructors. The Serei family from Montreal were there, the father, Georges Serei is the 85 year old. His son, pascal, does Aiki jutsu, Savate and la canne.

I had Robin Gracie put an omo plata on me, just so I can say I tapped to a Gracie, but I was more impressed with the finesse of the old men of judo.