Miletich-Incompetent officials should be suspended

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                                Miletich-Incompetent officials should be suspended

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  thanks for saying what needed to be said Pat. 

I have almost never heard of an official being suspended, but it does make sense. If a fighter makes a mistake, he loses or gets DQed and loses. Ref or judge makes a mistake, the UG jumps up and down, and like that, but nothing happens to the official.

Most of the time, fan issues with officials are ignorance of the rules, but not always. I would love to see suspensions of officials pending further learning etc.

Thanks for the interview, Pat! Phone Post

I actually agree that the incompetent officials should be suspended, sadly it will never happen the nsac along with most other ACs have made it clear they do NOT hold Refs or Judges responsible for blatant fuck ups

How come Pat isn't in the hall of fame?


Bentleysuper8 - How come Pat isn't in the hall of fame?

No known reason as of yet, but he says it doesn't weigh on his thoughts.  But he's that caliber, for sure.

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This should be for all sports, not just MMA. Refs are never accountable for the terrible mistakes they make. Phone Post 3.0

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