Miletich to be honored at RFA on 10/25

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                                Miletich to be honored at RFA on 10/25

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TTT for a true Legend, HOF'er, and Pioneer.

I would love to know the back story of why all those great fighters he trained left his gym and why he closed down.

TTT for The Croatian Sensation. MMA legend and also the best color commentator in the business.

Pat is one of those tough oldskool motherfuckers.

You just know by looking at the man that he can kick ass.

A true legend.

If anyone has earned it, it's Pat Phone Post 3.0

One of a kind! ttt Phone Post

Immaculata - TTT for a true Legend, HOF'er, and Pioneer.
Perfect first post!!

VTFU Phone Post 3.0

Love Pat but what does he have to do with RFA? I'm confused Phone Post

Immaculata - TTT for a true Legend, HOF'er, and Pioneer.


XFO MMA -  Love Pat but what does he have to do with RFA? I'm confused Phone Post


- The RFA is going to Pat's home state of Iowa on October 25th.

- Pat calls all the action at RFA events, since he works for AXS TV.

- RFA 10 in Iowa takes place almost exactly 18 years to the day after Pat's MMA debut, where he choked out three men in one night.


The combination of these 3 things created the perfect opportunity to recognize Pat and all of the contributions he has made to the sport.


Read all about Pat Miletich and the full press release here: | RFA and AXS TV to honor MMA legend Pat Miletich with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" at RFA 10

"Pat Miletich is a legend and a true pioneer in mixed martial arts. As a fighter, he was the first ever UFC welterweight champion, and as a coach, he was the first to devise a training program fully dedicated to MMA with 'Miletich Fighting Systems'. Pat is truly among the most influential figures in MMA and is largely responsible for building some of the greatest champions ever to enter the Octagon." - Ed Soares, RFA President

"Recognition for Pat Miletich's contributions to Mixed Martial Arts inside and outside of the cage is long overdue. We were honored to broadcast the final fight of Pat's legendary career and have him join our AXS TV Fights commentary team soon after. Pat's work on the microphone and his deep knowledge of the sport is second to none." - Andrew Simon, CEO of AXS TV Fights

"For all the fast-spreading appeal of Mixed Martial Arts, you'll find its heart and soul in a boxy gym in small-town Iowa. It's an unlikely crucible for a sport with global aspirations. But it is here you'll find Pat Miletich, the man who serves as a bridge between the sport's past and future. For most of the 1990's, Miletich staked a claim to the mythical title of "Toughest Man in America." Though only 170-pounds, he was a lavishly skilled mixed martial arts champion who, just as important, became a legend for his appetite for training and his threshold for pain. When the sport resided in the underground and the UFC was consigned to the margins, Miletich was a cult figure, making more successful defenses than any fighter in UFC history." - L. Jon Wertheim, Sports Illustrated senior writer and author of Blood in the Cage: Mixed Martial Arts, Pat Miletich, and the Furious Rise of the UFC

"Pat Miletich is the architect of Mixed Martial Arts. He created the blueprint that every MMA champion has followed since - you have to have skills in wrestling, kickboxing, and submissions - sufficient to hang with national class exponents in each separate discipline. He was the first UFC welterweight champion, and was greater still as a coach, producing during 2002-2003 UFC champions in three of the five weight divisions. Pat's achievements in the sport will never be equaled." - Kirik Jenness, Official records keeper for Mixed Martial Arts and founder of

"I have nothing but respect and gratitude for Pat Miletich. I know I speak for many other fighters when I say that he is definitely one of the greats in our sport and is the reason that so many of us had successful careers in MMA. Congratulations on your award, buddy, you deserve it." - Matt Hughes, UFC Hall of Fame member and two-time UFC welterweight champion

"The first time I went to Pat's gym, I planned to gauge myself as a fighter. After Pat hit me with enough body shots that I preferred getting hit in the head, I knew I had much to learn
. I spent the next couple of years driving from Cincinnati to Iowa, several times a year, to work with the guys in his camp. Without the high level of talent there to help build my foundation, the UFC would not have been in my future." - Rich Franklin, former UFC middleweight champion

"Pat Miletich is made of the hardest material on earth. He’s an honorable fighter and it is fierce champions like him who made me who I am. I humbly thank you my brother, I am your biggest fan forever." - Renzo Gracie, legendary MMA and BJJ figure who competed against Miletich as a fighter and coach

Pat Miletich: "Lifetime Achievement Award" Announcement

Bellator Fan - Should be in the UFC Hall of Fame Phone Post 3.0

Agreed, as much for his work training greats as for his fights. Phone Post

Bellator Fan - Should be in the UFC Hall of Fame Phone Post 3.0

That's an absolute given. In my opinion the UFC HOF isn't legitimate without this man in it.

Nothing but respect for that man. It's somewhat disturbing that he isn't in the UFC hof.


Never saw him fight (came late) but always appreciated his commentry in SF.

Made me a Robbie Lawler fan too.

Pat Miletich - Highlight Video

Bellator Fan - Should be in the UFC Hall of Fame Phone Post 3.0

Agree 100%

It has been my honor to know Pat for so many years, get to train w/him, and at one time be one of his Affiliate Instructors.  Every time I have been around him, he has been genuinely decent to everyone, even when he was pushing them to and beyond their limits.  He personifies class.  Beyond that, he has been not only a great fighter, but maybe even a greater teacher.  I don't know anyone who can break things down and make them make sense to individuals and large groups alike.  His way of communicating complicated things is excellent.   He was around this sport from back in the beginning to help build it and grow it.  IMHO, Pat deserves all the recognition and honor that comes his way.