Miletich to be honored at RFA on 10/25

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Pat Miletich - Highlight Video

When and if you get time to watch this vid, recognize not just the techniques Pat uses but in the situations he uses them in. He has influenced even today's UFC Champions.

The one and only! Love this guy!

Cindy Phone Post 3.0

Just saw Pat at Legacy for the first time since cornering against him at UFC 16 for the first Welter weight belt. He's put on some lbs. but damn is he classy!! Haha
Congratulations Pat I'm honored to have been apart of 3 awesome scraps you and Chris put on!! Phone Post 3.0

Yeah Pat is 1 of the true Pioneers of this sport. He was 1 of the smartest fighters of all time.

When we talk about this sport 20 years ago and talk about the legends Pat Militech will always be in the conversation.

The UFC Hall of Fame is hard to take serious when you leave out a guy like Pat Miletich. One of the pioneers & greatest champions in the sport and an even better coach who produced more world champions than anyone. Kind of like a Dan Gable figure to MMA.

If I know Pat, he probably doesnt lose alot of sleep over it at night but to not have him in there doesnt make the UFC Hall of Fame look very legit.

^^^ I doubt he cares, either, but he still belongs IMO.



TTT for Pat Miletich getting his "Lifetime Achievement Award" tonight!