miletich vs penn in august ???

I hear that this fight is signed for the august show , anyone know if theres any truth to this .could be a good fight with a good story behind it !

Is there history btwn Penn and Miletich that I dont know about?

Fightsport is reporting that Penn Vs Ludwig is gonna go down in K1 under MMA rules.

bj will hopefully fight bang in may ,the fight with miletich will be in august .one side of the story would be that pat is the trainer of jens and hughes whom both bj has fought

Sweet! Kick his ass Pat!!

Penn wants Mileitch, although nothing has been signed or confirmed.

story at (click news)

If the Penn/Bang match is MMA, I can't see Bang winning regardless of where the match is held. I don't imagine Bang will be able to keep BJ from taking him down, and won't likely last long when the match hits the ground.

Penn moved to K-1.

He won't be fighting in the UFC for the time being.

Miletich wants fo fight but has a neck injury that has been giving him some trouble.

Why would Pat fight Penn? If he won, he'd only be roadblocking Hughes' return to the title.


the fight IS mma...

in K1 under MMA rules.

BJ should tap Bang pretty quickly imo.

I dont think he should risk trading with Bang.

BJ vs. Miletich would be very interesting as Miletich is way more versatile than Hughes (not saying 'better').

His submission game and striking are def. better than Hughes' and that would help vs. BJ.

On the other hand, Pat vs. Royce would be great too imo. Two legends that are past their prime but still capable. I would think Pat is more seasoned at this point but at least they are about the same natural weight i think: 180-185ish.

I would def. go with Pat on that though.

With BJ, Im not sure, Pat is versatile and very smart.

Pat did have problems making weight at 170 though with Carter.

You mean the same way BANG made JWP look like a school girl?

BJ beats both Bang and Miletich by submission.

Bang isn't invincible.. he is GOOD but before the JWP fight you guy's made it seem like he was the best at that weight in k-1 type rules and John Wayne Parr totally dominated bang-bang. Duane is an awsome fighter and if this match is a mma fight BJ will dominate him as well.. if it is a Kick boxing match i give Duane the slight edge.

i think it's safe to say this thread is a troll job...

Penn has NOT left the UFC...he just doesnt wanna wait around on Dana's moronic, indecisive mind...

he ants to fight and has a right to fight...

him fighting in K-1 only means more exposure for the UFC anyways...not to mention for the sport as a whole...

the audience for Japanese events like K-1 are WAAAY bigger than over here...Dana is a fool if he strips Penn's title

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i think it's safe to say this thread is a troll job...

- this coming from a guy who trolls over 7 pages on a thread promoting a children's charity.

God forbid anyone troll BJ Penn!

BJ by anything he wants!!

Wasa-B...your a moron if you think that coach taylor was serious...

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"Why would Pat fight Penn? If he won, he'd only be roadblocking Hughes' return to the title."

I imagine Pat would retire shortly after if he won.