military combat hand to hand

What country has the most effective martial arts system in place,for soldiers to use.I know a few lads whove been in the forces and the british hand to hand combat is laughable{im british by the way}.The russians seem to have the most effective system,any others?

You might clarify if you mean regular service or Special Forces.


Of course I am completely biased, but I think the Modern Army Combatives Program is the best in the world. I also think that SOMBO, MCMAP and Krav Maga as it is actually taught in Israel are good systems. Outside of those I mentioned there have been very few successful systems, if you measure success by the ability level of the average Soldier.


what does modern army combatives program consist of?


I would never say that "nothing can beat the L.I.N.E. System", but when it was trained AS IT WAS INTENDED, it was a good program. The problem was, unless you were lucky enough to get to the instructor course, you never saw how it was intended to be. Units didn't generally support the program because they were too busy.

That's the big thing MCMAP has going for it- it forces units to use it regularly.

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explain these systems

my roommates best friend is in the Marines, stationed in Hawaii. When I talked to him he said him and his group train BJJ, kickboxing, and the regular "required" fluff. He said he and the guys he's with didn't know anything about MMA before enlisting, now they fight at some local sign-up at a bar. This was what I was *told*, can't verify any.

The Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) consists of the ground grappling from BJJ, the takedowns from wrestling and Judo, the standup fighting from boxing and Muay Thai, weapons fighting from Kali and the western martial arts. If you combine all of that with scenario based training, a workable instructor education program and combat sports with a graduated set of rules to inspire and support training, you have a pretty good idea of what we are doing.


My experience with MCMAP has led me to this conclusion: its POOOOP

R.I.P. rules, and all others rest in peace.


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I got to work out with Valdimir Vasilev and he seemed pretty cool.

I have no idea about the Russin soldiers capabilities though.

There is no hand to combat taught to any recruits in the british army. Once in a battalion they can go on a restraint and arrest course which is a joke. In my opinion i think the Russian and Israeli forces have the best hand to hand combat system.

my friend who was in the marines said that the unarmed combat in the marines involved a few wrist grabs,defending against stick attacks and naff stuff like that!!!!!!!!!!there was also an unarmed combat display team!lol

Yeah we have an armed combat display team all it is there to do is attract the uneducated to thinking thats what we do all day

sandy why dont you get involved in some kind of combat training for the army?are u still in the forces?

yeah warren i am but i dont think the army top brass are all that interested there theory is they they have a rifle so why should they learn to fight anyone when they can just shoot them

Our government actually pays a guy not teach anyone except our SpecOps guys. It's not taught to the public, the general population of troops, just the elite. Duane Dieter and he calls the system Close Quarters Defense. The system is highly regarded.

theres always situations that can arise in ireland or iraq that will need some kinda combat experience,especially with all the reports of weaponry being faulty and not working