military games

Check out the results of the judo military games in
Some really good judokas participated like Madaloni, Huizinga and Mikhaylin.

Anyone knows if USA took part in this tournament?

(Maybe because of the war in Iraq the US didn't send a team)

the US did send a team. it included Mike Preditis at -100kg and Carlos mendez at -73kg. neither took top 7. the woreld militray games is a badass event. olympic and world champions were present in every division.


Thank you Mr. Resnick. Always well informed.

badra ( -81kg) from my new club , took the 5th place in this competition.
congrats !..........

Mendez took 7th. beat some tough players, lost to some tough players.. i dont have/remember many details as my brain is still swamped from finals week.


How was mendez lookin? I remember practising with him at Tokai, was he throwin everyone with tomoenage?

i dont know how he is looking in tournaments. i know he was relying on his YT becuase his neck was pretty bad nad he couldnt do any pick-ups for some time.

form what i heard his neck is okay now so he can pick poeple up again, but im not sure what he is doing in tournaments now. he has good judo though.. a strong seionage, sodi, pick-up, YT, a drop takedown, and a strange ko-uchi. it all depends on what he is going to pull out and how he is feeling on the day. lol.