military rifle

hey all, i'm thinking of buying a military-style rifle (read: "assault weapon") in the future and i thought i'd get some opinions.

priorities are

1) reliability

2) low cost

3) availability and cost of ammo and pre ban hi caps.

4) power (shouldn't be a factor with any military weapon)

so far i'm probably looking at an ak, which i've been seeing for around $300. just thought i'd see if im overlooking anything.

Sounds good. Just remember you get what you pay for. Look for the best you can get in your price range. If you have bad magazines, the rifle will screw up, even those based on the AK design.

What rifle are you looking at? Have you shopped around? There are forums to check out based on what rifle you are looking at.


You can pick up a nice SAR1 Romanian AK47 for about $300. AK ammo (7.62X39) is dirt cheap and available everywhere.


SAR-1 or any other Ak variant will be a good pickup for cheap and reliable...

go to and just put any of those in the seach or even "AK variant"

and if you wanna spend 800$ or more get a AR =)

Get a SA M-7. Cost about $550.00. I bought one yesterday.Checkout there site here:

Yup. Gotta agree. The Romanian AK's seem to be the best bang for your buck. Tons of hi-cap mags, cheap price.

Of course, I'd take my old Turkish Mauser against an AK any day, but that's just me.... In reality, the AK makes a great choice for those on a budget.

cool, romanian ak is what i was thinking about, but i'll take a look at the mauser. thanks for all the feed back. $800 is way beyond what i'm able to spend, plus i'm just not a big fan of the ar, the ones i've shot just weren't that reliable.

i have never had any trouble with my AR. the Ak or SKS would be the cheapest though, as mentioned above



toki, why the mauser over the ak? strictly a power issue?

I just bought a couple of WW2 surplus Mausers in good condition for about $200 apiece, btw. So they are available for the same price as the AKs. The ammo is usually a little more though.


Armalites newest rifle was pretty cheap the last time I checked. Has the price gone up?

$300 is about my limit, i've never seen an armalite for that. but i haven't looked into them a whole lot.

i've seen mausers for way cheap, like $89, but i don't like that they are bolt action.

With this talk of Mausers some of you guys ought to think about getting a Curios or Relics License from the ATF with it you can have these kind of guns delievered right to your house! You can also get discounts on gun supplies and accessories from some stores with a C&R license. Its $30 for 3 years.

Go here:

You can order the forms and get 51 page book that explains C&R licenses and it has a list of guns that are considered curios or relics. The ATF will send you all of this stuf for free.

Pick the option- F 7CR - Application for License (Collector of Curios and Relics) Under 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44, Firearm
The go to publications pick- ATF P 5300.11 - Firearms Curios and Relics List*

You should get your stuff in a week. I just applied for one a few weeks ago.

cool! thanks for the info. i love trading guns but getting an ffl sounded like a hassle and its hard to shop online without it. post when you get yours and let us know how the process went.

"cool! thanks for the info. i love trading guns but getting an ffl sounded like a hassle and its hard to shop online without it. post when you get yours and let us know how the process went."

Keep in mind this isn't a license to deal in modern firearms.
curios & Relics are considered guns made 50 years before the current date or firearms considered rare,bizarre because of their association with some historical figure,period or event. Also firearms which are certified by the curator of a municipal,state, or ferderal museum which exhibits firearms to be curios or relics of museum interest.

Just order the forms and the C&R book their free. I ordered the license forms to see what they looked like and decided to fill them out and send them in. You send one copy tht e ATF and the other to Chief law enforcement officer in your area.

Your also need to keep a bound book book inventory of your C&R guns.

Here are some C&R sites:

Here are some C&R gun dealers:

Parts dealers:

I hear you can get up to 30? off.

poorboy asks why the mauser over the AK. Here's a little story. Sit down on ol' Uncle T0ki's knee and I'll tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a scrappy bunch of guys from a far off land called Afghanistan. Now these guys were real mountain men. Lived off the land, got fucked up offa that fermented goat's know the rules.

One day, the big, bad Soviets came looking for trouble. These guys got out their trusty old Turkish Mausers, Mosin Nagants and other old, antequated battle rifles (and a little Ground-to-Air help from Uncle Sam) and did a number on the big red bear. The Afghanis cheered in delight. They had captured several Soviet weapons and had more AK variants than South Central LA. Life was good.

Enter the Americans. The Americans had their M-4's and M-16's and even some old converted M-14's. Yeah, they had snipers, but most were equipped with regular weapons. Now Afghanistan is a hilly and rocky terrain. Unlike Vietnam where it's like a shotgun fight in a closet. In Afghanistan, ranged combat comes into play. The poor Afghanis ditched their old, reliable (and pretty accurate) Mausers and Nagants for AK's that get really fucking iffy past 200-300 yards (seriously). The Americans simply stayed out of range and potshot the piss out of the Taliban soldiers. Had they stuck with their old rifles? Well, we all know that the Americans still would have won with their night-vision and gunships and Daisy Cutters. BUT, I guarantee the body count would have been higher.

Of course you can shoot 30 shots faster than I can get off 5 with my bold action Mauser, but at 300 yards, all I need is one to kill you.

good post. but i'm not calling you uncle or sitting on any of your body parts!


Mausers and AKs are two totally different animals and as such, require different tactics. The AK isn't meant to be a 200-300 yard gun for sustained accurate fire (screw the tolerances, the iron sights plain SUCK). It's more of a sub 100 yard weapon good for ambushes or suppressive fire.

If the cocksuckers were trading fire at hundreds of yards (even with their '74s) then I'd call that a tactical mistake on their part (which is no surprise). Certainly some of those guys had Dragunovs to use for long range vs. Mausers. And not to down the Mauser... look at how many rifles have copied its action!

Choose the tool and adapt your strategy accordingly. If where you live or what you want to use the rifle for requires shots over 100 yards, I'd look at a Mauser or Nagant over the AK seeing how you don't want an AR. Even then, shots over 100 yards are tricky unless you have a good rest or good optics... especially when you are tired or stressed.