Millennial Zima

And they make a lot of it. Ugh

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Pure faggotry. Any dude who drinks one of those, should take the leap and cut off his junk.

I felt my estrogen peak just looking at that.

I’d rather have Bud and clamato… Which I have had and it was disgusting. The gal that got me to do it had 36g boobs… I’m not saying it wasn’t worth it but damn what a price to pay

Low carb low sugar low calorie alcoholic beverages that are refreshing and taste decent…GAY!!! If a drink doesn"t taste like a burnt asshole and/or make you fat, it’s not manly!


Really accurate, OP

not accepting superior alcoholic beverage technology is the reason you boys are HUSKYFAT

No man worries about what another man drinks. How gay.


I have a case of Zima currently aging in my Zima cellar.
I think it’s at least 4 years old, now.

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Worry about another person’s drink? No, just disdain.

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You must be really insecure

The Zima drinkers are out in force. lol. Pussies. How many calories in your white claws, girls? Your figures doing ok?

Nothing better than a 5yr aged Zima. 2022 is going to be a great year for you!!


My body is definitely ready for 2022. The Crystal Pepsi I had aging in the pantry didn’t fare as well, though.

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