Millennials are RUINING the Mafia!

Millennial mobsters are becoming the Mafia’s downfall-------

“Older members complain that the millennials — who grew up in the suburbs instead of city streets — are softer, dumber, and not as loyal as mobsters of the past,” wrote Fanelli. “Plus, they’re always > texting.”

“Doing things differently,” as the tired narrative of millennials goes, hasn’t been easy for boomers and the Silent Generation to understand, who have long stereotyped millennials as lazy, narcissistic, and entitled and questioned their work ethic. It’s all resulted in a generational divide in the workplace, largely marked by digital and communication differences.

Senior management at some companies have tried to cater to younger workers with in-office perks, without realizing that they’re not addressing issues that really matter to millennials, like mental health. Many work environments haven’t evolved enough to respond to how millennials approach work differently, sticking to outdated policies. It’s left millennials frustrated, preventing what could be a more successful work environment.

Fuggada-bout it!

Jesus Christ, that reads like it should be an Onion article…

But on a serious note, having talked to cops and how much time they now spend on FB, Twitter, and Instagram as a means of catching criminals who post about their crimes, old school mobsters lamenting millennials and the time they spend on social media have a point.

Tommy FAT Fingers can’t stop Texting!


and FaceBook Frank can’t keep a secret!


Johnny YouTube don’t want to work the docks!

Lol at Facebook Frank. Nice job karasu, that’s the first time you’ve ever made me laugh.


“Hey YouTube, check me out as I’m going in to my first sit down to get made!! Can’t wait to come out as a newly made Mafia member! Don’t know why they asked me to come at midnight though, seems kinda late…”


Wait, the guy really texted threats and extortion demands to someone?