Miller got a taste of Bully Beatdown medicine?

I don't know... For Miller to go in the cage to rain on Shield's parade was pretty much a bully thing to do. Jake was riding high after beating his first "top tier" (by many people's standards) opponent and enjoying the fact that he might finally get the credit he deserves.

Along come Miller with his "Hey Buddy" routine... luckily he didn't get a chance to say much outside of that. I like Miller - but fuck off already. You could have hyped a rematch some other way.

Anyway - glad to see the Bully continues to get mauled when Miller is around.

I will be shocked if he isn't out right released from his contract.

And now the UFC wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pool.

Miller's fight didn't get aired so he had to get some camera time! Regardless of him trying to rain on Jake's parade he did not deserve to get jumped by 6 dudes.

CarwinSmashBrock - UFC=Class StrikeForce=Hood Rats

Come on now, get that UFC cock out of your mouth.

CarwinSmashBrock - Happens all the time through MMA, and Boxing history its called selling a fight. Ceasar Gracie team is retarded that is not a appropriate reaction they could have just ignored him and it would have been funny, but no they had to be gangster and not fuck around by assaulting someone. Thats some ghetto shit that happens in the hood.

Dude - I'm not affiliated with Caesar Gracie in any way - but IMO they are one of the few real "teams" out there. They actually give a shit about each other and want to see the best for each other. This was a HUUUUUUUUUGE victory for Jake. Let the man enjoy the post-fight interview.

I don't think it was really that "gangter", it was basically a scuffle. No different than when Rampage stepped to Wand in PRIDE and was reminded to walk the line.

Should they have let Miller speak? I don't know. The Brock / Carwin post fight exchange was merited because both on are course to eventually meet one another... So it makes sense to "sell the fight".

Miller is a classic journey-man. He can beat the shit of a lot of tough dudes - yet he's dropped virtually every fight against top-tier opponents. He doesn't deserve a title shot. That's why it doesnt make sense why he was there... A bit of an exaggeration - but it's like me sneaking in during the post-fight interview and talking shit. I have n business being there. Neither did Miller.

Bewts - Miller's fight didn't get aired so he had to get some camera time! Regardless of him trying to rain on Jake's parade he did not deserve to get jumped by 6 dudes.

Correct - dicks should be permitted to do whatever they please!

Sorry if you've been conditioned to roll over every time someone shits on you. I, for one, am glad his little "hey buddy" speech was ruined.

PS: It's not as if Miller ended up in the hospital - he's perfectly fine - so I really can understand your " he did not deserve to get jumped by 6 dudes" pov.

If this happend on the streets everyone of the Gracie team would have been arrested and put in Jail. And Mayhem would be free to walk because Words dont hurt but fist and kicks do.

a) if MMA happened on the street everyone would be in jail.

b) you are right - words don't hurt... which is precisely why you saying jake should have told him to "shut up" and continue his interview is pointless.

I hate to tell you this - but assholes are assholes in life because they assume you won't do jack shit to them after they shit on you... Well aside from telling them "STOP IT YOU MEANIE!" But since they are assholes and don't give a shit what you say - it's not a punishment to tell them to "shut up". That's the price of admission and they are more then willing to pay it.

Fuck someone up..... they think twice.

PS: Miller never got fucked up - so stop crying about the "assault".... as if the damage he took was any greater than what he gets on a daily basis from basic rolling/sparring with friends.

i thought it was a nice change from the gang signs they throw up at the end. strikeforce obviously enjoyed it they played it many times after it happened....

bottom line, fuck mayham

homo sapient - +1

miller acted like a classless bully and a thug he got what he deserved

strikeforce needs to punish him for ruining a post fight interview

 yeah miller shouldnt have said anything, instead he shoulda had a few buddies all start sucker punching jake at once

 For everybody saying this happens all the time (Miller interupting) please provide examples?

The top contender coming in, after an entire interview to be talked to (Pre arranged) is NOT the same thing.

Miller was out of line, and had to know it would start something.

Does that make what the other guys did right? No.

But just because they over reacted doesn't make Miller a saint.