Miller Lite signs on to be Bellator title sponsor

Bellator MMA signed Miller Lite as the official title sponsor for its 16 events this year, marking the first time Bellator has signed a title sponsor for its events, which are carried on Spike TV. 
“Bellator MMA Presented by Miller Lite” will debut Feb. 27 with Bellator 134: The British Invasion from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. 
Miller Lite has been an active sponsor in MMA, which has battled to attract big-name sponsors. Anheuser-Busch is a major sponsor of the UFC, with Bud Light sponsoring its PPV and TV bouts. 
Miller Lite has worked with UFC in the past and spent with Bellator, but this marks its biggest MMA deal to date and puts Miller Lite’s brand on the mat. The sponsorship will cut across all of Spike TV’s platforms, including an on-air branded fight clock graphic and press-conference signage.

Good for them Phone Post 3.0

Nice. That's a big sponsorship. Phone Post 3.0

That's huge for them Phone Post 3.0

Good for Bellator.

On a related note, Miller Lite is a really really horrible beer for the money. It is amazing that 100's of smaller brewers can make beers way better at the same price point.

The Mitch Mitchell Experience - Their new slogan:

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MMA Fans
"There should be more than just the UFC. That's a monopoly and it doesn't allow small orgs room to grow."

"Oh that small org is just a crappy version of the UFC. They'll never be any thing more than a copy cat."

I love MMA fans. I really do.

Congrats Bellator

They should give the winning fighter a can of beer to drink during the post fight interview like the do with the energy drinks.

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