Miller Vs. Lawler

I know mayhem was set to fight Robbie Lawler last night, I also know he had some trouble with the Hawaii P.D. does anyone know if this fight happened and if so what were the results?

Mayhem was replaced in the fight, i dont know the replacements name

Falaniko Vitale, who already lost to Lawler. And I think it's a non-title match.

The charge is BURGLARY, NOT ROBBERY. BIG difference.

Facts can be checked with any of the NUMEROUS articles online. Not with the Ficticious threads here on the UG.

Keep in mind, if you care, that MaYhEm has NOT yet been convicted by a court of law.

To answer the original question, The fight was scheduled for Feb. 18th.

It has been moved to the following week.

The new opponent is Niko VITALE, The re-match.

Good luck to BOTH fighters.


thanks for the vid T jay

TJ..DO YOU have the MAYHEM VS NIKO fight??

ive seen the Lawler vs Niko fight many times

but have yet to see Mayhem vs Niko

thanx for the info. I read about Miller turning himself in for the "buglary" at fcfighter but I didn't know if he had step down or not. when will Lawler be backin the UFC?

he just signed a 5 fight deal not long ago with ICON

so we wont be seeing Lawler in the ufc for a while yet

hes doing wuite well for himself with ICON

props to TJAY for running a legit badass orginization
and taking care of his fighters