Milling a lower 80%

I purchased 3- 80% lowers with a milling jig. This is my first venture but I’m wondering do I need to purchase anything else for the lower 80%? Or do I just need a 80% upper kit to finish the job? Any help would be great

You need YouTube to follow the bazillion tutorials.

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I know I have to watch YouTube I just was hoping someone on here can help tell me everything they have/need to ordered. Lots of knowledge on here so I figured it was worth a shot

You going to trust your life on an 80% lower you don’t even know how to work on?


You need a trigger assembly and lower parts kit. Also make sure you bought proper bits for the milling process


Depends on how good you want it to be .

Drill press and cross slide vice , drill presses aren’t designed for milling so take little bites and go slow . It will be useable but not worth bragging about .

Harbor Freight drill mill is easier quicker and will make a decent lower

Ghost Gunner 3 is basically a bench top CNC machine for all types of guns . But it’s 2,000

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Hardest part is making the trigger hole straight and with a nice cut. Make sure you take your time ans have a good jig

Where did you buy your lowers from?

I can Venmo you $$$ if you make me a list of parts I would need.

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Make sure you got a nice flat work space and a vice to hold everything steady for.your drill press

Does this look like it has everything?

For a AR Pistol kit yes. But a standard AR no

I have a few lowers so I would like to do both

Looks fine but full discretion, I’ve only built standard ARs. So there might be something missing

Ok well I would like a standard one as well