Milo at De Paul University - BLM Protest

This is a few weeks old now so sorry if it's been posted, but this is OG material for sure.

Blue please.

His talk starts 20 min or so into the video.

Looks like Milo thinks he's a rock star nowadays but I've never seen such a clear example of the BLM movement being full of cancerous fucks. Phone Post 3.0

The hilarious part is the light skinned chick that gets in his face, her mom is a cop.

The admins at DePaul should be ashamed of themselves for letting that go on after forcing them to pay extra for security. Phone Post 3.0

That man doesn't think he's a rockstar.

He genuinely gives no fucks. He put out a tweet saying "I lift young black men out of poverty every day. Sure, the next morning my driver takes them right back there but whatever." Phone Post 3.0

Bump Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit that whistle was annoying Phone Post 3.0