Milo: benefit of giving up gay lifestyle - can fart again

So I’m not a big fan of Milo anymore, he redpilled me in 2016 but got kind of queenish and cringey since then. Recently he underwent successful gay conversion therapy, and he shared one of the benefits: by not bottoming for his now ex husband, he has found that his ability to pass gass through flatulence has returned.

Thing is, who knew this was a thing, that the pounding somehow affect ones guts so they stop farting because the gas is constantly escaping in a trickle and never builds up into a full gust.

Turns out all those jokes about recognizing gays by their trumpet farts had no basis in reality. Big loud farts are actually a sign of a tight clamping anus.


That’s why you blow into the small end of the tuba…


OP hasn’t farted since he was twelve.




I shake the windows when I fart, never been penetrated, even medically. The average boomer is up to his third prostate probe on average.

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So gay bottoms produce a constant gentle breeze of intestinal gas? Interesting.


He is still gay and trolling. He has a character like Colby does and this works for him.


Apparently this is where the expression “flaming homosexual” comes from as the leaking gas could be accidentally ignited by an open flame. But I digress.


One trip to Taco Bell can prove my virginity!


I have a different theory. My theory is that their assholes are constantly gaped open by cock and large dildos that the anus cannot close tightly enough so anything that might even resemble a fart may in fact be shit and they’re concerned that if they push too hard to far that they might end up shitting themselves.

Then again, I might just be relating my own past digestive issues with gays getting fucked in the ass.

I will defer to your opinion on account of your research and vast experience.

No wonder Smiff lays out SBD gas hisses slowly throughout the day.

Now that’s a headline.


The world is so fucked lol.



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Its a pretty weird world when a gay political pundit is a better Catholic than the current Pope, but here we are…

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This guy has always seemed like a grifter

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The present pope has serviced and accommodated thousands of yards more cock than Milo has even thought about.

I was thinking the same …

God damn this is gross lol