Milo: benefit of giving up gay lifestyle - can fart again

Exactly. Milo is a Catholic who knows that what he was doing was wrong and who has struggled with trying to stop doing it. Current Pope promotes is, promotes gay clergy within the church, protects rapist gay clergy in the church. and preaches ideas that are in violation of church law. He doesnt even struggle against evil, he goes with it.


Except now they don’t make noise…

The dry ones don’t.

Sodomitical…learned a new word today!

I never looked at him as anything other than a troll. A funny, flaming troll.

Anyone that has shared a cubicle with gay dudes knows that this is a thing. They also know what that gay dudes weekend was like by the smell of said cubicle every Monday. “ my weekend was faaaaabuuuuulous” yeah I can tell

Nice religitard nonsense

My post was a simple observation of fact, not a religious assertion or faith based statement, but Im glad it inspired you to create such an articulate and insightful post!

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Underneath Milo’s layers of trolling lies a real concern for humanity.

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He prayed the gay away? You guys believe this shit?

welp my brain just barfed, thanks

Sorry bro is just what I know from working in Long Beach Ca. Disgusting but troof.

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I am sure the current Pope knows far less about faith and theology than an expert such as yourself

It’s not about knowledge
Knowledge is what bamboozled the first thot

It’s about living life true to the Christian faith

Says the dummy who’s convinced that the free market has magical powers

He is a well known anti scholar who half the church calls out for misrepresenting church law, which he does so that he can promote leftist ideology and receive billions from China to help fix the church’s crooked books.

your self righteous anger is strong

how about focusing on the central message of Christianity? Its hard to believe that the historical Jesus would care about the issues you folks are raging over…

I dont see any anger. Most in this thread are just happy for Milo because he seems like he’s moving in a positive direction in life, and since he was a Catholic who was sexually abused by a priest, which led him to a sodomistic lifestyle, Im glad he is working hard to heal and follow his faith.

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perfect post