Milo: benefit of giving up gay lifestyle - can fart again

So is this lifestyle wrong only for gays ? You have never buggered your wife/gf ? Gave her a 3 hole inspection?

what is gay about a dude banging a chick

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Nothing but I guess it goes against the christian lifestyle or something

Im not perfect and have broken many rules of my faith at times, but ejaculating anywhere but in my wife’s pussy is a no-no in Catholicism, so sodomistic behavior is not just wrong for gays. Sex is supposed to be actual sex, not sexualized abuse. From a religious perspective, there isn’t much difference between me banging a dude in the ass and me getting a blowjob. It’s all a perversion of what is supposed to be the loving and pleasurable act that creates people.

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That piece of shit JPII had as bad a record on child abuse as any pope.

A troll making a thread about another troll. Interesting.

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I know plenty of horrifying shit when on on his watch, so I cant argue with that. I haven’t seen much or gone deep on his level of awareness and personal involvement in promoting and protecting gay sexual abusers, so I cant speak to it directly. Francis there is TONS of verified proof of knowledge and direct involvement with promoting and protecting gay sexual abusers, in addition to selling out Catholic in China to death and abuse in exchange for money…

yikes , well glad I don’t follow that fairy tail

Im glad you’re glad, and Im glad I love actual sex with a great and beautiful wife and have it often!

That is a strange belief

And probably created by repressed pseudo celebrate priests

Fairy tail huh? Yeah I figured.

Zero likes a little mud on his helmet.

So getting a BJ is ok? Even if I cum?

If more Catholics actually followed the faith by not practicing birth control and by fucking pussy only, and more “intellectuals” had kids instead of pretending dogs are kids, we wont have lost the world to Islam by about 2050 the way we will now.

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Instead of a bunch of religious kooks who are supposed to love others, now you’re gonna have preteen sons and daughters getting raped by faithful Muslims, and forced conversions. Great job, all!

Man, I wish I could take back reading this. I thought he was going to say he felt too shy to fart in front of anyone like a woman and now he just drops ass wherever and whenever like a brute.

Im glad easylay and fagolas have found eachother. I hope they have many butt babies

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Mein Furher!

If anyone knows about faggots… it’s this guy…