Mind blowing science developments

A friend shared this video with me, from 2018 so they have definitely gone further than what they talk about. A neurobiologist speaking at West Point.

He speaks about

Night Vision eye drops that allows you to see 160 ft in the dark

“Possession technology” where someone on one side of the planet can control the physical movements of someone on the other side of the planet wearing a cap that sends electrical pulses to their brain.

Storing data on dna strands. They can store the amount of data that 7 billion iPads can hold on one dna strand.

Implanting false memories with stem cells. Storing data on the cells and injecting them into people.

Amazing stuff

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Of course nothing nefarious will be planned with the false memory stem cells. This is terrifying.

I talked with a person who does high tech dev for the military and they have crazy stuff - your can walk up walls, steerable bullets, bunch of other stuff.

I believe there was already a movie about this called Inception.

So Microsoft has a patent on using the human body to mine cryptocurrency. I wonder if this is connected to the DNA storage.


Not to mention there are dolls now u can have sex with

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Hail Science! Hail Sagan!

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The autoblow is a machine that replicates a blow job. What a time to be alive.


Yeah we’ve had them for years, they’re called women

Night vision eye drops

Eye drops that give you NIGHT VISION enables clear vision in total darkness | Daily Mail Online.

“ But how would the nanobots get inside our brain? Would be necessary a surgical procedure to deliver those inside the brain or scientists already had found a better way to record the brain activity? That is one important question about how powerful combine nanotechnology with brain machine interface would be able to raise this technology to another level. Considering that nanorobots are a very tiny electrical device, in which is classified on nanoscale. The scientists report that all of the nanobots will be transdermally injected. Afterward, the nanobots will flow into the vasculature, travel through the bloodstream, cross the blood brain barriers and finally get inside the nervous system cells.”