Mind Body Soul Results

Will be up tommorrow.

Ha Ha made you look

Big thanks to all those that came out, helped out and helped support our ever so fragile sport of Jiu jitsu/ Wrestling.

We hope that at the next one we get all those that we missed today.

Really nice to see a lot of new faces out. Happy to see that many people doing grapping in and around Edmonton.

I'll post out the results tom.

Mike Yackulic

Hey guys, here are the results from yesterday's tourny.
Listed are the No GI Div

Beg (under 6 mon) Light

1st - Matt Hinchey

2nd - Keith Hill

Beg Heavy

1st - Nigel Zettergreen

2nd - Brennan Stone

Int (6 monto 2 yr)

1st - Cody Tucker

2nd - Jim Weiler

3rd - Coty Aslin

Adv (over 2 yr) Light weight

1st - Doug McComb

2nd - Brian Heide

3rd - Julian Fischer

Adv Heavy

1st - Mark Pivovar

2nd - Danny Valimaki

3rd - Tom Gough

Women's Div

1st - Diana Trang

2nd - Tonya Blondin

3rd - Marlies Severyn

Here are the results for the Gi Divisions

Int Gi

1st JohnPeregoodoff

2nd Coty Aslin

3rd Jim Weiler

Adv Gi Light

1st Brian Heide

2nd Julian Fischer

3rd Doug McComb

Adv Gi Heavy

1st Jarid Bussemakers

2nd Mark Pivovar

3rd Danny Valimaki

Womens Gi

1st Diana Trang

2nd Marlies Severyn

3rd Tonya Blondin

For the Absolute No Gi The winner was....

Brian Heide Got a nice trophy, $100 both from Black Dog Freehouse and a free seminar valued at $300 from Rob Mayer.

In the Gi Absolute div the winner was

Jarid Bussemakers with the same awards as above.

Fastest Submission award goes to Cody Tucker with a guillotine in 13sec

Fastest takedown award goes to Diana Trang, 15 sec in

Best submission award goes to Danny Valimaki with a sweet leg squeezelock

Best takedown award goes to Mark Pivovar with an awesome takedown (Ogashi I think) Niiice.

Big thanks to everyone that came out. I had a good response from everyone there for it being a fast, smooth running tourny.

Hope everyone had a good time. Big thanks to our sponsors Black Dog Freehouse, and Martial Science Research & Promotions for donating 2 spots to their Massive 3 day seminar coming up in May. Also thanks to Mark Jung of Accord Chiropractic for offering his great services.

Thanks to all the spectators for coming out and giving their support to us and their friends.

I will be holding a Fresstyle Submission event in the fall and I look forward to seeing you all there.

Mike Yackulic

I really liked this tournament especially...it was the first time i felt comfortable taking risks to get submissions. keep the 3 min no points going, thats definately a huge improvement.

I used to fight Marc Pivovar when I was in Judo. He's crazy. I didn't know he fought in anything but Judo tournaments.

Hey Jeff, ya Mark did a wicked awesome throw against Doug I think. Basically a front flip and landed on him.

For those that want the tourny stuff. give me a shout at snipergym@interbaun.com

Stephan Dore video taped the majority of it and will edit it somehow... Give me you email address and I'll pass it on.


yeah but my girlfriend won the 50/50


tj tapper

Great tourney anyways.

Loved the rules. That had to be the highest sub percentage of any tourney I've seen.

Good work.

tj tapper