mind set, healthy food for thought.

Just some food for thoughts, IMO during a disaster or crisis a positive mind set ranks at the top of your list of things to have, and your mind set is based on assessment. If you are preparing for doom and how to protect all your STUFF, that is in my opinion the wrong mind set to developing survival skills.

easy read

just my.02

People lost in the wilderness die of shame.

"I’m not saying live in the wild like Grizzly Adams and forget about technology and the conveniences of life, no way! I’m saying get in touch with your true self, really become independent and self-reliant and see what it does for your self esteem. You will never look at situations the same. You will always know that if you lose your way, or get stranded in your car, or lose power in your home, you will always know exactly what you need, what to do, and how to do it. And you, your family and others will feel safe and secure knowing that you are at the helm. That’s value."

This is a great paragraph.

I like reading what you write, Joe. I don't always agree with it, and some of it seems cooky to me, but you usually get me to see things in a different way. You also introduced me to Krishnamurti, which I am grateful for, years ago when I trained with you on Moody Street a handful of times years ago.

Kvr 28 Thanks bud, I saw your post and have been meaning to get back to you regarding seminars this year. I have not locked any in due to this economy so things are up in the air. All the law enforcement stuff is on hold,cut backs every where.

Possible, what up bro, what's your name??? moody st brought tons of folks.

Ah, Krishnamurti, "seeing things in a different way" the heart and soul of surviva. yeah I guess I am a little cooky, but what's considered cooky theses day's, :)everything is so messed up. R U training anywhere?

If you guys have any questions/ideas I would be happy to post something on U-tube


Joe maffei

Kvr I have purposely not jumped on your thread securing the home. I will offer a few more reads leading up to this topic. Please bear with me bro.
BTW I will be doing a seminars this year, on these topics.

My name is Paul, Joe. A little tentative to put the last name open on the web. I think it was back in 2001 or 2002 that I trained with you for a few months... maybe 4-6. Everything blurs together these days. :) I'm not training anywhere right now although I went back to the jitz and some boxing after training with you. I also did some more JKD work with somebody else when I moved away from the area. I'm trying to get a little proficiency with firearms now since currently, I am horrible. Do you know any good tactical instructors in the area?

hey Paul, I do know some great guys, R U still in the new England area??? and what gun do you want to impeove on, meaning. Long gun, wheel gun or semi. The good guys seem to specialize on their choosen piece.

This is similar to the message Cody Lunden makes in "When All Hell breaks Loose"

He is not the hunker down w/ a class III type writer.

Hey Joe, I'm up in the Merrimack Valley these days. Honestly, I want to improve on everything, but I suppose pistol training is my top priority.