Mindless Liberal Pig Excited To Give Her Toddler The Vaccine!

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Why doesn’t she MARRY a vaccine if she loves it so much?


You trashing her is exactly the same as her trashing people who didn’t vaccinate.

This chick’s medical decisions regarding her kids has no bearing on your life. Plus nobody is vaccinating toddlers for good reason, so it’s likely a parody account made by a person like you to appeal to a person like you, or the ramblings of an insane person that you needed to highlight due the culture crusade that clearly dominates your life


I will allow it…

What in the Jedi mind trick just happened?

explosion building GIF by South Park

It’s sad that nutcases like her are allowed to procreate.

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again, progressive white lady with amphetamine crazy eyes ranting on tik tok about how progressive and crazy she is

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