Mindset MP3's and Sessions for MMA

Hi Guy's

Some of you may remember I posted regarding hypnotherapy and MMA earlier in the year.

I'm a fully qualified hypnotherapist working in Las Vegas my main client base has been professional poker players to improve their sessions.

Since the summer I have been working with MMA fighters some have been kind enough to provide testimonials for my website. I have been around MMA since 2000 I fought amateur MMA (KSBO in UK) worked on shows, cornered fighters and generally follow the sport. I feel this knowledge separates me from most of the mindset coaches in the industry.

Hypnotherapy is very effective at reducing stress and anxiety and creating an understanding of self sabotage issues.

If you have ever wondered why you perform much better in the gym than the cage then it will be a very useful process for you.

I offer focus MP3's and One to One sessions over skype or in person in Las Vegas

My website is http://www.fightermindset.com

My focus MP3's are a good introduction to the subject and are available at: http://fightermindset.com/?page_id=125

Thanks for your interest and feel free to message me or post any questions.

Also does anyone know why my links on the post aren't active?

I've used Elliot's material for improving my mindset at the poker table and it worked extremely well. If you every feel mentally fuzzy or unprepared when its time to act, then you could really benefit as well from something like this. I highly recommend checking it out.

Thanks Andre, glad you found it helpful!

Website link: www.fightermindset.com



If I were to buy the focus mp3 from my iPad would the download work? Phone Post


Yes should work fine on the Ipad, any issues just message me.

btw any mods reading this thread I've paid for a business account and don't know why I have a blue name rather than a grey name.