Mineev: Aleks was on par with roosters in prison

Middleweight of Fight Nights Global Vladimir Mineev (13-1-1) commented on the words of Alexander Emelianenko (28-7-1) in his address.

- Vladimir, another video message from Alexander Emelianenko to Magomed Ismailov appeared on the network, where he mentioned you that he could beat you with Maga. How can you comment on this?

- Come on, whom he can beat now, he is not in that state, and even more so not in a form that could challenge me. Let him not be in a hurry, practice a little at the Akhmat club, pick up at least some form, first go through Maga, and then you can discuss possible events.

- The head of FN Kamil Gadzhiev proposed to organize the fight of Alexander with your participation according to the rules of boxing?

- Yes. Such negotiations were conducted, but Sasha is not interested in this fight according to the rules of boxing where he has no chance against me. Therefore, he wants the fight to be held according to the rules of MMA, where he can try to lie down due to the struggle, and at least somehow save himself on the ground. But we all saw the level of his struggle perfectly. Maga’s of struggle is an order of magnitude higher, and you could also watch our duel with him, where he could hardly do anything with me.

- Recently, Alexander Emelianenko has made loud statements and attacks on different fighters. For example, he called Dmitry Smolyakov a rooster.

- This is what he shouldn't do. It is possible to answer for things, and for this he must answer, all the more so in the prison not everything was as smooth for Alexander Emelianenko as he presented to us.

- Tell me more about this, in what status and how did Alexander Emelianenko do time?

- Alexander Emelianenko was doing time with my army comrade. Then Sasha was transferred to the 6th hut in the special unit 99/1 (Kremlin Central), where he immediately assumed a job position, began to cooperate with the administration, and in every way oppress the cellmates. He didn’t give them smoking, took away their gears, and at night he sang songs for the whole house. Because he, in fact, oppressed people, the prison watchers declared him "crap." And when he was transferred to another hut, there were three thieves who wanted to ask him for his foul actions, and he quietly broke out of the hut in order to avoid an unpleasant conversation in the morning, asking the administration to transfer him somewhere. He spent the rest of his time in solitary confinement, since not a single decent prisoner would greet him, and sit at the same table next to him. He was in the position of a rooster.

- That is, it turns out Alexander Emelianenko was penetrated?

- Not really. Being on par with a rooster, and being a rooster are a bit different things. Sasha was also noticed that he used the services of local penetrated males, “rented” them for a pack of cigarettes, and spent his time with them in a bathhouse. What he did with them is unknown, and by concepts this is completely allowed. But there are concepts, and there is ordinary life, and then I and Sasha at the same table to sit ... I would disdain to.

- Alexander Emelianenko is currently training at the Akhmat club in Chechnya, the main question that worries many - why is he needed there?

- There he plays the role of a court jester. The fighters of the club Akhmat hone their skills on him, chase him like a dog, practice techniques, and amuse themselves in another way. In response, he helpfully assents: “Akhmat is power!”

- Summing up the conversation, if you are offered a fight with Alexander, will you agree?

- It depends on the fee, for 10 million rubles I am ready to go out with him according to the rules of either MMA, or boxing.

Jesus Christ with the penetration talk. This guy has no chill

I can't see Aleks taking this kind of talk lightly.

"Not really. Being on par with a rooster, and being a rooster are a bit different things. Sasha was also noticed that he used the services of local penetrated males, “rented” them for a pack of cigarettes, and spent his time with them in a bathhouse."


looks like fake news, sorry

Alexander Emelianenko: Do not be fooled by the provocation, good people! I found out through Kamil Gadzhiev that Mineev did not say this! This is some kind of rubber product doing a provocation! If I find out who, I’ll knock out his teeth. In the zone, I was with thieves.

I spent the first term on isolators. The second term ... My loved ones were watching the prison, watching the game, watching under the thieves.

All my close friends were watchers so you understand. Live and be happy.

Most likely a smear campaign. But Aleks sure know how to make enemies.